Quality Assurance for AM DED

plasmo’s many years of experience in the field of thermal joining processes (automotive, steel industry, aviation, etc.) can be transferred to additive manufacturing applications. plasmo systems have been in use on the market in the Powder Bed Fusion segment since 2016.

We´re working with system manufacturers and the scientific community on faster, more sustainable qualification of processes and their standardization for Direct Energy Deposition processes.

If you´re interested in adding following values to your process, contact us!

  • If you start building a wall, plasmo can help you reduce your time to market by reducing „beginners mistakes“ (e.g. start build of next layer if previous layer is cooled down, stop process in case of critical defects).
  • If you start building a part, plasmo can help you optimize your process and detect process irregularities.
  • If you want to automize your process, plasmo can give you values like length of melt pool to perform closed loop control on energy input, stop process in case of critical defects.
  • If you want to qualify your process, plasmo can give you the automated information about process irregularities and layer and volume based quality information.
  • If you want to scale your process to different machines, plasmo can give you the information to compare processes and process stability over different machines.

Creating new Standards in QA for AM DED