camera-based process monitoring

Capturing component-related images and videos allows for improved root cause based error analysis as well as full traceability of faulty components for as long as this valueable data is archived. Conclusions from these customer-specific evaluations support the optimization and continuous improvement of an application.

Furthermore, the use of this quality inspection is seamless, contact-free and non-destructive. It does not fatigue and is completely neutral, so that human factors influencing production processes are reduced. Either by image or video, process steps can be recorded to detect irregularities as they occur or later as results can be linked to component serial numbers for long-term traceability.

plasmoeye can be equipped or adapted with different camera types which are optimized for the respective application. Depending on the requirements, cameras with special recording techniques may be used, ranging from standard industrial cameras to highly dynamic and high-speed cameras to near-infrared cameras.