Produce Quality. Always.

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Fault-free production, 100% quality. This is our customers’ goal.

Produce Quality. Always.

The actual goal of each of our customers is to avoid rejects… Fault-free production and 100% quality. This is our customers’ goal and our purpose. We achieve this through providing absolute transparency of the respective production process. This transparency allows for optimization of all steps and the quick detection of defects offered by plasmo solutions.

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more than 900 Plasmo systems in operation


more than 100 global customers are using Plasmo


We work on the individual problems of our customers and find solutions. The solution approach for the plasmo Quality Suite comprises 3 levels.


The sensors

This level is about capturing all relevant data for process optimization. We primarily use our own sensors, but we can also employ third-party sensors for specific tasks of our customers.


The integration level

At this level, the sensors are integrated uniformly into the systems of our customers. This is where the data is collected.


The evaluation and correlation level

Here, the process information for the different user groups is represented, correlated and evaluated. This evaluation allows for identifying the root cause of a defect and identifies opportunities for continuous improvement.

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