Interview Team Administration

Wen Ling, Accounting @ plasmo!

Wen has been an integral part of the plasmo team for a long time and keeps calm even in challenging situations. Wen was born in Shanghai and not only provides us with the latest fashion and technology trends from China, but also supports us in the linguistic exchange with our branch office in Shanghai.

When and why did you join plasmo?

In 2013, shortly after graduating from commercial academy, I was approached by a friend and former employee of plasmo Industrietechnik, as plasmo was looking for a temporary replacement for the administration department. Due to the area of responsibility, the friendly working environment as well as the possibilities for further development, I quickly decided to start my career in the area of office management and order processing. In the meantime, I am responsible for accounting and parts of personnel administration as well as project controlling.

What do you like most about your job?

Since I joined plasmo in 2013, the company has developed and grown rapidly. As a result, the range of tasks has also changed and expanded accordingly. I particularly like the collegial atmosphere and the opportunity to continue my professional development. I am currently completing the diploma course for balance sheet accounting and am fully supported by my company and my colleagues in my team. In exam times they take over some of my tasks and thus keeps me free to learn. Fortunately, at plasmo of course it is possible to work from home during the lockdown – the equipment for this was provided to me. It’s good to do my regular work for plasmo and then return to my concentration for the demanding balance sheet accounting exams.

What does your working day look like?

My day-to-day work is very diverse and wide-ranging. My responsibilities include ongoing accounting, project controlling, order processing, preparing payroll accounting and the control of time recordings. Since communication is very important to us, daily team meetings take place in which various financial and organizational topics are discussed. In the plasmo office itself, all hygiene rules are a normal part of our daily routine.

Now we all hope that we will soon have the opportunity again to exchange ideas with colleagues from other areas and have lunch or occasionally have a barbecue together on the large office terrace.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment, Wen!